ALS And What The Ice Bucket Challenge Means To Me

August 27, 2014 Photography  No comments

When I first started seeing the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Ice Bucket Challenge show up on facebook, I quickly googled to find out what ALS was….and I found out it was Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Which then led me to more articles about what this disease is and how it slowly kills people who have it.  I also learned that it was an autoimmune disease.  I myself has Crohns Colitis…which is a chronic lifelong autoimmune disease.  Now, my heart was already hurting for the people with ALS after reading about what it was…but then I felt even closer to this cause.  I may be ‘permanently sick’ but I’m not too sick to do this challenge and help spread the word.

I was thrilled to see my contacts posting their videos, sharing links about the disease and spreading the word about ALS all ov...

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Posting Photos From Your Computer To Instagram

July 31, 2014 PhotographyTutorials  One comment

OK….who wants to post from their computer to instagram???

My friend and I have been trying to figure out how to do this…easily. I just ran across the app latergram the other day and it’s (as far as I know) the easiest way to post photos from your computer. (I use the iphone, not sure if it’s available for other phones)

So what I did was I downloaded the app and logged in, then went to the website for on my pc and logged in. I uploaded and scheduled a TON of photos to post. Now, what I can do is open the app, pick ANY photo I scheduled (even if I scheduled it for a week from now) and post it right away.

So basically, on the app (after you’ve uploaded to the website) you’ll have a huge library of your images and can just pick and choose and upload as you want.

Now, t...

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There’s A New Resident In This House

July 17, 2014 Photography  One comment

We’ve toyed with the idea of getting a cat for awhile but we’ve never had a dog that would be able to live with one…a couple years ago our Great Dane, Duchess passed away leaving us with just our Great Dane, Earl.  Duchess could not handle anything small and fluffy and wanted to eat it.  Earl on the other hand is ok with other animals, he just has a high PLAY drive…to where he wants to chase animals that run.  We decided that we would be a ‘one-dog’ household for a VERY long time…having one dog is just so much EASIER.  Especially when your dogs are over the 100 pound mark.  I’ve been wanting a cat, but he would need to be a special cat….I also wanted a cat that would help ME to train the dog.

I put out feelers to the animal shelter I used to work at…telling my friends that work there ...

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free download: topaz restyle presets

June 13, 2014 Free Downloads  2 comments

This is a set of seven presets for Topaz Restyle that I had fun creating with different color palettes.

You will find the link to download these presets below the preview:


Download at Mediafire HERE

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