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November 19, 2008 Photography  3 comments

I wanted to at least start a nice link list of all of the sites out there that offer free Lightroom Presets ) If you’re unsure how to install presets, take a look over here.

*** Get the FREE presets I created, including ‘Center Stage’ preset right HERE

* Wonderland Presets has some goodies for you HERE

* Kelsey Smith: Oh boy does Kelsey have a ton of preset goodies for you on her blog HERE make sure to look around and find them all. She’s also got a new flickr group HERE where you can post your photos you created using her presets.

* Victoria Feemster: has some presets up on her blog HERE for you.

*Simonetta has a set for you HERE to brighten your cloudy photos.

* Gavin Seim: He’s got some great sets of presets on his site HERE

* WOW Presets: I’m sure you already have these, but for those who don’ need them, grab them HERE

* Lightroom Killer Tips: Lots of good info to be found here, and he usually posts free presets once a week.

* Inside Lightroom: They’ve got a ton of presets on their site HERE Scroll to where you see ‘develop presets’ and a list of links for color presets, point curve presets, etc… click all of the links.

* L7 Photo: some more great presets to be found HERE

* Markus : He’s got some presets for you HERE

* Snap Happy Inky Momma: She’s got some HERE for you.

* 640Pixels: Has some presets for you HERE.

* Leica M8: presets can be found HERE .

* Make An Image: has a D300 preset for you HERE .

* Nikon D200: find presets for it HERE.

* An Illustrated Journey: Has two free presets HERE .

* Vert: on Deviant Art has a set of snow presets HERE and a Wet Chrome preset HERE and New York State Of Mind HERE

* Scrapyard Kath: has an In The Pink preset for you HERE

* Huelight: offers presets for the Canon 40D and 5D HERE

* Skye: has some lightroom presets under the Jan. 11th blog post here

* X equals: has a free preset for you HERE also! And some lightroom info here

* Wonderland Presets are HERE

* Lightroom Library presets are HERE

**Lightroom resources are HERE also.e’

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