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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2008 Photography  No comments

It’s Here

Originally uploaded by Heather Green Photography

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas morning. My husband got the new 50D for me. I’m in love with that fast shutter, woohoo! Can’t wait to get out and do some wildlife photography with it, hopefully this weekend.

Have a great day everyone!

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Etsy Finds

December 11, 2008 Photography  No comments

Before showing you some lovely items I’ve found on Etsy, first I’ll show you what I have for sale on there :)

You can check out all of my etsy shop HERE  where you’ll find my digital art prints like this Crested Caracara image below:

My prints are from photographs I have taken and then digitally altered in photoshop to give a textured and vintage feel.  These prints are printed by my favorite photo lab on photographic paper and shipped right to you after you purchase them through my shop on Etsy.

Ok, now onto some Etsy finds:

I love this gray horse print by animalsincolor.  Bright and bold!

Or what about this beautiful Zebra print by irenesuchocki ?  I love the composition of this and the use of texture. 

And in keeping with the four-legged and hooved theme, how about this gorgeous B...

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Hendry County Farm Tour

December 8, 2008 Photography  One comment

My husband and I, and both of my parents went on the Hendry County Farm Tour this past weekend.  There were a total of three FULL tour busses in our group..I was surprised at how many people took the tour!  We had a great time and it was interesting to learn about the agriculture and the businesses around the area where we live.  From doing that tour we’ve decided to buy as much produce from local farmers as we can instead of buying it all at the grocery store (there is a vegetable stand we pass to and from work that we will shop at).  And if we do have to buy it at the grocery store, we’re making sure that whatever we buy has been grown in the US.

We also came away with tons of free vegetables...

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December 4, 2008 Photography  One comment

I absolutely love Florida Manatees and this is the time of year I get to see them.  When it gets cold in the mornings you can head to Manatee Park in Ft. Myers, FL and see the manatees hanging out in the water.  The water there is warmed by the FPL power plant nearby and usually at least 80 degrees!

Here’s a couple pictures from yesterday:

A manatee comes up for a breath:

Details of a manatee’s back.  Here you can see algae but also those ‘lines’ on her back are scars from the propellers of boats.  The round white circles are where barnacles have fallen off.  They get the barnacles while out in the Gulf Of Mexico and then as they come into the freshwater they fall off.

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