December 4, 2008 Photography  One comment

I absolutely love Florida Manatees and this is the time of year I get to see them.  When it gets cold in the mornings you can head to Manatee Park in Ft. Myers, FL and see the manatees hanging out in the water.  The water there is warmed by the FPL power plant nearby and usually at least 80 degrees!

Here’s a couple pictures from yesterday:

A manatee comes up for a breath:

Details of a manatee’s back.  Here you can see algae but also those ‘lines’ on her back are scars from the propellers of boats.  The round white circles are where barnacles have fallen off.  They get the barnacles while out in the Gulf Of Mexico and then as they come into the freshwater they fall off.

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  • kjaustin UNITED STATES  says:

    Interesting!! Never knew so much about manatees…except the Veggie Tales song “Barbara Manatee” LOL Great pix too!

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