Hendry County Farm Tour

December 8, 2008 Photography  One comment

My husband and I, and both of my parents went on the Hendry County Farm Tour this past weekend.  There were a total of three FULL tour busses in our group..I was surprised at how many people took the tour!  We had a great time and it was interesting to learn about the agriculture and the businesses around the area where we live.  From doing that tour we’ve decided to buy as much produce from local farmers as we can instead of buying it all at the grocery store (there is a vegetable stand we pass to and from work that we will shop at).  And if we do have to buy it at the grocery store, we’re making sure that whatever we buy has been grown in the US.

We also came away with tons of free vegetables.  Last night we made two quarts of homemade salsa using the veggies we got (plus ingredients we already had at home) and for dinner we did steaks on the grill which we already had at home and I fried up some zuchinni which we had also gotten from the tour.

Here’s a few pictures from the tour:

Corn growing at Alico Ranch:

We got to see cowboys and dogs work a herd of cows:

We visited Southern Gardens which is an orange juice factory.  Here’s trucks being unloaded:

We visited Shawnee Farms where they grow sugarcane:

And here they are loading train cars with cut sugarcane:

One comment to Hendry County Farm Tour

  • Susie UNITED STATES  says:

    Sounds like an awesome tour and love your pictures!! Would have loved some zuchinni, sounds wonderful and so does the salsa!!

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