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December 11, 2008 Photography  No comments

Before showing you some lovely items I’ve found on Etsy, first I’ll show you what I have for sale on there :)

You can check out all of my etsy shop HERE  where you’ll find my digital art prints like this Crested Caracara image below:

My prints are from photographs I have taken and then digitally altered in photoshop to give a textured and vintage feel.  These prints are printed by my favorite photo lab on photographic paper and shipped right to you after you purchase them through my shop on Etsy.

Ok, now onto some Etsy finds:

I love this gray horse print by animalsincolor.  Bright and bold!

Or what about this beautiful Zebra print by irenesuchocki ?  I love the composition of this and the use of texture. 

And in keeping with the four-legged and hooved theme, how about this gorgeous Blue Mustang giclee print by wildlifegallery ?  It reminds me of the vacations I used to take to the southwest with my family when I was younger.

And with that, I’ll leave you with one more of my prints available on Etsy.  A Friesian horse print:

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