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Red Shouldered Hawks Nesting

March 31, 2009 Photography  No comments

I have two Red Shouldered Hawks working on building a nest in one of the slash pines in my pasture.  These guys are up at sunrise screaming and flying and pulling every little twig and branch they can find and bringing it back to their nest.  I’m hoping to actually be able to photograph some RSH babies this year!

Here’s a few shots of them working on their nest from the other day.  Click the photos to see them larger in my Flickr stream.

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Raccoon Cutie

March 23, 2009 Photography  No comments

So yesterday I headed out to my favorite place to take some wildlife pictures.  It was windy and overcast but I was hoping to see something.  I was driving along and saw a raccoon cross the road, I slowed down and took a look in the direction it was heading and saw it climbing up a palm tree and was able to get a pretty cute shot of it:

Obviously, by the looks of the tree with all the scratches on it…this is a favorite one to climb!  As I was photographing the raccoon, I heard something behind my car and looked to see three itty bitty baby wild piglets run into the bushes!  Now they were CUTE!  I wished I could have gotten pictures of them but I was glad to at least have gotten the raccoon.

I haven’t been seeing too many ducks out there lately but yesterday I came upon (what I think)...

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A Day Of Flickr Friends In Southwest Florida

March 17, 2009 Photography  No comments

I had an awesome time yesterday meeting up at one of my favorite wildlife areas with some fellow flickr-ites: Scott, The Swamper, Terry and John.

Here’s a few pictures:

We got to see a mamma otter and three babies:

Young deer:

And my favorites, the Barred Owls:

Some of the flickr-ites:

John and Scott (40D’s with 100-400 L lenses)

Scott getting low for some Eastern Meadowlarks:

Terry with his lens on an owl:

Scott’s dad shooting an owl:

It was a fun day, we saw a ton of wildlife and had a great time :)

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Big Cypress & The Everglades

March 17, 2009 Photography  One comment

What an awesome weekend I had.  On Sunday we went down to Big Cypress, I’ve been there numerous times before but we had to pass through it to get to a new place we’ve never visited…Loop Road and Shark Valley.  Loop Road was pretty cool…but Shark Valley was definitely the most unique part of our trip down there!  I knew what to expect at Shark Valley because of Laura’s picture HERE, but to actually get out and walk beside these beasts was incredible!  We just did a short walk down tram road because we got there too late and missed the last tram. We’ll be back again!

Here’s a few shots from Sunday…

A Red Shouldered Hawk checking out a pond full of fish:

Imagine seeing several of these beasts, six feet from you, basking in the sun AND totally ignoring you!  They said they’ve only had two...

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