Big Cypress & The Everglades

March 17, 2009 Photography  One comment

What an awesome weekend I had.  On Sunday we went down to Big Cypress, I’ve been there numerous times before but we had to pass through it to get to a new place we’ve never visited…Loop Road and Shark Valley.  Loop Road was pretty cool…but Shark Valley was definitely the most unique part of our trip down there!  I knew what to expect at Shark Valley because of Laura’s picture HERE, but to actually get out and walk beside these beasts was incredible!  We just did a short walk down tram road because we got there too late and missed the last tram. We’ll be back again!

Here’s a few shots from Sunday…

A Red Shouldered Hawk checking out a pond full of fish:

Imagine seeing several of these beasts, six feet from you, basking in the sun AND totally ignoring you!  They said they’ve only had two alligator attacks there in like 20 years or something.  One was a child that lost control of his bicycle and fell into the water on a gator and I think another was when a kid picked up a baby alligator.

And there were quite a few babies out also, don’t worry I didn’t get close enough to tick any mama alligators off, I had the 100-400mm f4/5.6 USM IS L lens on, lol

Also had a flickr meet up with some friends yesterday, will post about that soon here on the blog too!

One comment to Big Cypress & The Everglades

  • Carrie Bombria UNITED STATES  says:

    Holy Cow Heather! These are way too cool and you are way too brave to stand that close to those……I would totally pee my pants! Absolutely stunning as always!!

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