Raccoon Cutie

March 23, 2009 Photography  No comments

So yesterday I headed out to my favorite place to take some wildlife pictures.  It was windy and overcast but I was hoping to see something.  I was driving along and saw a raccoon cross the road, I slowed down and took a look in the direction it was heading and saw it climbing up a palm tree and was able to get a pretty cute shot of it:

Obviously, by the looks of the tree with all the scratches on it…this is a favorite one to climb!  As I was photographing the raccoon, I heard something behind my car and looked to see three itty bitty baby wild piglets run into the bushes!  Now they were CUTE!  I wished I could have gotten pictures of them but I was glad to at least have gotten the raccoon.

I haven’t been seeing too many ducks out there lately but yesterday I came upon (what I think) is a Mottled Duck.  She was all by herself.

Now, quite a ways south of me a flickr contact, Misti was hiking in the Fakahatchee Strand (south of Alligator Alley) and was able to photograph and video a wild Florida PantherCheck out her blog post HERE about it!

Someday I hope to have the chance to see one of these beautiful big cats :)

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