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Happy Father's Day!

June 21, 2009 Photography  No comments

I want to wish everyone a happy Father’s Day today!

My dad :)

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Making The Blog Bigger

June 20, 2009 Photography  3 comments


Someone suggest a good website to use to totally re-do my wordpress blog.  I want BIGGER pictures.  Tell me who you use and link me up to their site!  I don’t want to spend a fortune but I want it to be fairly easy to figure out.

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Flickr Meet Up

June 18, 2009 Photography  No comments

I went to an awesome Flickr meet up last weekend.  We went to Wakodahatchee, Green Cay and Loxahatchee over on the east coast of Florida.  I met a ton of great people, including flickr’ers that I’d had as contacts for quite awhile that I’d never met.  Here’s some pictures:



And some of the Flickr’ers :)

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