Making The Blog Bigger

June 20, 2009 Photography  3 comments


Someone suggest a good website to use to totally re-do my wordpress blog.  I want BIGGER pictures.  Tell me who you use and link me up to their site!  I don’t want to spend a fortune but I want it to be fairly easy to figure out.

3 comments to Making The Blog Bigger

  • Colleen Fahey UNITED STATES  says:

    Check out Smashing Magazine’s free templates for WordPress.. they have awesome templates.. my favorite so far:

  • Marshall UNITED STATES  says:

    Check out for templates geared towards photographers. You will need your own installation of WordPress(.org not .com). If you need help setting one up, feel free to email me.

    By the way, I liked your recent wildlife photos. The one with the two sandhill cranes is quite amusing!

  • Klaus UNITED STATES  says:

    Hey Heather!

    Didn’t you know that I do that kind of stuff for a living?

    You know how you can get a hold of me via Flickr, Facebook or my site.

    Cheers, Klaus

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