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Holiday Weekend Wildlife

July 6, 2009 Photography  No comments

This past weekend I headed out once again to my favorite wildlife management area and wanted to share the photos with you :)

It was really foggy at sunrise but it made for some beautiful shots…

This was one of the first things I saw that morning, an alligator crossing the road…I’m guessing he was around 10 feet long.

There were also a lot of white tailed deer out…here’s a fawn:

And a doe:

And I was finally able to locate some juvenile Barred Owls I had been hearing for a couple weeks.  Here’s one of them on a post looking for food.  He didn’t sit here long before moving farther back into a palm tree:

And then he dropped down into the tall grass to try and grab something but he didn’t succeed...

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Flickr Group Meet-Up Re-Cap

July 3, 2009 Photography  No comments

I met some of my really good photographer friends out at our favorite wildlife management area this past weekend and we had a blast.  Here’s a few of my shots from the meet-up.

Barred Owls

Deer In Flowers:

Crested Caracara:

Two Fawns:

Two Bucks And One Doe:


And I went out alone the day before the meet up at sunrise and captured these images:



And the doe’s fawn:

Green Heron:

Red Shouldered Hawk:

It’s great to be able to get wildlife images year round, but in the summer you’ve got to get up early to beat the heat, bugs and rain!  Hopefully I can get back out there again this weekend :)

Hope everyone has a GREAT Fourth Of July!!!

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