Holiday Weekend Wildlife

July 6, 2009 Photography  No comments

This past weekend I headed out once again to my favorite wildlife management area and wanted to share the photos with you :)

It was really foggy at sunrise but it made for some beautiful shots…

This was one of the first things I saw that morning, an alligator crossing the road…I’m guessing he was around 10 feet long.

There were also a lot of white tailed deer out…here’s a fawn:

And a doe:

And I was finally able to locate some juvenile Barred Owls I had been hearing for a couple weeks.  Here’s one of them on a post looking for food.  He didn’t sit here long before moving farther back into a palm tree:

And then he dropped down into the tall grass to try and grab something but he didn’t succeed.  As this was going on, the second juvenile was behind me grabbing up a small rodent and flying off into a thick clump of trees:

I also saw quite a few bucks out, more photos to be posted soon.  All of the photos above can be clicked on and taken to their flickr page if you’d like to leave a comment.

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