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Epcot Trip

August 25, 2009 Photography  No comments

My husband and I are lucky enough to live about two hours away from Walt Disney World.  This past Sunday we did a day trip up there to meet up with my cousin and her finace’ that are down vacationing from MA.  We had a great time.  We also have become seasonal pass holders!  We were both born and raised in FL and as many times as we do go up to Disney, we haven’t ever gotten the yearly passes before.  Now we’ve got them, so Disney will be seeing a lot of us for the next year!

I knew it would be hot (August in Florida is HOT)…and I didn’t want to drag a bag with all my photo gear around with me the whole time so I just brought the little Canon Powershot SD1200is with me.  I wore some capri cargo pants with lots of pockets and was able to carry everything on me...

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Chicks In The Sticks – Camping In Arches

August 11, 2009 Photography  One comment

I’ve been posting pictures here on the blog lately from the huge two week road trip we took back in May of this year.  My BFF Sasha, wrote up this great description of what we went through for just part of the trip (and one of the funniest parts of the trip)….I’m trying to get her to write more since she’s simply amazing at writing.

Here it is…

Chicks in the Sticks Road Trip, 2009 – Arches National Park, Utah

By Sasha A.

The journey to Arches began 400 miles away in Colorado Springs, which was our first stop since leaving South Florida.  There were brief breaks along the way, but for those who are geographically or mathematically challenged (and too lazy to Google...

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Canon Powershot SD1200is

August 4, 2009 Photography  No comments

On my road trip in May of this year I ended up killing my little Kodak Easyshare point and shoot (dropping it on a rock at Calf Creek Falls).  So…I wanted to get another P&S camera because I like to keep one in my purse all the time, you never know what you might want to take a picture of and I don’t want to tote the 50D all over the place with me all the time.

I decided on the Canon Powershot SD1200is.  I didn’t want to go too crazy with price, although if I would have had an unlimited budget I probably would have gone with the Canon G10.  But, that would have defeated the purpose of having a small and tiny baby camera with me all of the time.

Here’s a few shots taken with the SD1200is…

And it’s got a great little macro setting:

You can click each photo above to be taken to it’s f...

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Lazy Weekend

August 3, 2009 Photography  No comments

I actually didn’t get out and shoot anything this weekend!  Just spent a couple lazy days at home with the hubby and the dogs.  But I have been re-visiting some of my photos from the roadtrip I took back in May and editing a few that I never got around to.

Here’s a view from our campsite in Arches National Park:

Arches National Park:

Near the Lake Powell Dam:

California Condor at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon:

Sunset At Dead Horse Point:

You can click the photos above to be taken to their Flickr page :)

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