Epcot Trip

August 25, 2009 Photography  No comments

My husband and I are lucky enough to live about two hours away from Walt Disney World.  This past Sunday we did a day trip up there to meet up with my cousin and her finace’ that are down vacationing from MA.  We had a great time.  We also have become seasonal pass holders!  We were both born and raised in FL and as many times as we do go up to Disney, we haven’t ever gotten the yearly passes before.  Now we’ve got them, so Disney will be seeing a lot of us for the next year!

I knew it would be hot (August in Florida is HOT)…and I didn’t want to drag a bag with all my photo gear around with me the whole time so I just brought the little Canon Powershot SD1200is with me.  I wore some capri cargo pants with lots of pockets and was able to carry everything on me.  That also meant not having to go through the ‘bag-check’ line.  woot!

Another bonus was it was the day before most kids started school, so the park wasn’t crowded at all!  I can deal with heat, but heat and crowds of sweaty people bumping into you is not fun…so Sunday was perfect!

Here’s a few shots from Sunday, all were taken with the SD1200is and were processed in Lightroom 2:

For our next day trip up there we plan to do Animal Kingdom.  Which will require the backpack with the 50D and the 100-400L, but the good thing about Animal Kingdom is it’s fairly well shaded and it doesn’t take all day to see :)

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