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September 26, 2009 Photography  No comments

There’s a ton of third party scripts out there, most require you use Greasemonkey and Firefox, and they can make your flickr life so much easier!

A few other gems first:

~*~   First, if you want to watermark your images but don’t know how, try out PicMarkr.

~*~   Flickr Galleries – a relatively new option Flickr gives you now.  It’s sort of like adding a photo as a favorite but you can now group other users images into galleries.  Check out a few of mine;  Photos That Make Me Smile, Bird Shots That Wow Me, or view all of my galleries.

~*~   FD’s Flickr Toys (or, Big Huge Labs) – great site!  Find your flickr photos in explore, show your images large on a black screen, make mosaics and more!

~*~   Flickr Color Picker – choose a color and get photos featuring that color.  Simple and fun way to find some new flickr favorites.

Favorite Greasemonkey Scripts-

~*~   Flickr Rich Edit – Probably my most used script, easy way if you don’t know html to add links, bold font, italic font, etc. in your flickr photo description.

~*~   Flickr Cross-Recommendations – LOVE LOVE LOVE this one, under the photo you’re viewing on flickr it will show “people who have faved this, have also faved…”.  Meaning you’ll get to see thumbnails of some other interesting images, great way to find new stuff on flickr.

~*~   Flickr Exif Decorator – hover over an image on flickr and it will show you the exif data for that photo.  Great way to see what fstop and shutter speed the photographer used.

~*~   Flickr Refer Comment – adds a note below your comment to show where you came from to view that photo (example: as seen on your photostream).

~*~   Flickr Photo Rank – this script shows the rank of the current photo in explore. The result is displayed on the photo page in additional information.

~*~   Flickr PM – I use this alot.  Adds icons next to the flickr user name to quickly send email, check their profile, etc.  My favorite thing about this one i that I can send a flickr mail to a user without leaving the page.

~*~   Flickr Multi-Group Sender – Another script I use all of the time.  Quickly add your photo to many groups at once.

~*~ Flickr2Facebook – I haven’t tried this one out yet, but it does seem handy.  Add your flickr photos to your facebook account.

There’s one more script I wanted to add and can’t find the link for it yet, if you’ve got it…link me up.  It’s called Flickr Commented On.  It shows a little icon above each photo you’ve already left a comment on.

What’s a post without a photo?  I’ll leave you with an oldie but a goodie…taken way back with my old Canon Digital Rebel (300D) and
Canon EF USM IS 75-300mm f4/5.6 lens.

Queen Butterflies

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