Photo Of The Day – Salsa Recipe

September 26, 2009 Photography  No comments

I figured since my husband is making our homemade salsa today that I’d post it as the ‘photo of the day’…. recipe is below photo:


2 tomatoes – diced
2 tomatoes – cut in chunks and blended in the blender
2 jalapenos – diced (we leave out the seeds, if you add the seeds it will be much hotter)
1/4 onion – diced
2 tbsp diced garlic
cilantro (add to taste)
Lime Juice – a few squirts
2 tbsp salt (or less, add 1 tbsp first and try it, then add the second if you think it needs it, I like mine salty)
2 tbsp vinegar
crushed pepper (four to five turns of a pepper mill, or add more depending on your taste)

We basically add all ingredients together and chill in the fridge several hours (a few hours will do it, but the longer it chills, the tastier). This should give you a nice medium salsa. If you want it hotter, add in some seeds from the jalapenos, if not…just be sure to leave the seeds out.

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