cooler days are coming

October 16, 2009 PhotographyWildlife Photography  No comments

Yes!  Cold front!  We jump for joy here in south Florida anytime we hear those two

wonderful words…cold front!  It starts to roll in tonight with a little rain today

and tomorrow and then Saturday night it should be cool.  So cool that we can open

the windows.  Love that.  Sunday, since I don’t have any shoots planned, I’m heading

out for some wildlife photography.  The wildlife has been scarce lately because of the

gross heat.  I’m hoping the deer, wild hogs, and raptors will be out Sunday!

Here’s a few photos from cooler days….last year and earlier this year:


This little Kingfisher was out during one of the STA-5 birding tours.  It was a freezing

cold day for us, wind was whipping, and luckily we were able to drive in our vehicle

around that place.

Alico Ranch Cowboy

This was from the Hendry County Farm Tour earlier this year.  Not a frigid cold day for us

Floridians, but one of those days you want to just be outside all day.  Here’s one of the Alico

Ranch cowboys and dogs doing a cattle demonstration.

Manatee Schnozz

This is a shot from ‘Manatee Park’ in Fort Myers, Florida.  Contrary to the name, manatees

do not just hang out there all of the time, but when it gets cold and the temp in the gulf

goes down, they come in to Manatee Park to be near the warm waters coming from the FPL

power plant.

I’m definitely going to enjoy this cold front….hope everyone has a great weekend too!

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