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2010 Otter Be A Good Year…

December 31, 2009 Wildlife Photography  2 comments

What did I get for the last day of 2009?  Otter photos!  Headed out to my favorite spot and caught four of these guys walking down the road twords my car…they got fairly close and then turned around and headed into one of the canals.  Otters are so comical to watch!

This first shot was when they were pretty far down the road, so it’s blurry.  I cropped this quite a bit, but I thought it was so cute how the one stood up and was the look out!

You Otter Be The Lookout

Here We Come...Walking Down The Street....

You Otter Give Me A Smooch

And, as an added bonus….I saw an American Bittern not too far away from where the otters were, the first American Bittern I’d seen in that area, so that was pretty cool!

American Bittern

American Bittern

I also swung by Manatee Park yesterday in Fort Myers, caught this cutie coming up for air…check out the teeth!

The manatees come into the canal at the park via the rive...

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the to-do list…

December 30, 2009 Photography  No comments

I’ve got quite a few to-do lists (especially to do with portraits, the studio, lighting, etc), but for today I’ll just write about the areas I want to make sure I visit in 2010 for wildlife photography.

The first one is Circle B Bar Reserve – I almost got up there before Christmas to meet up with the flickr group, but I got sick and stayed home.  This place seems to be just loaded with wildlife (going by the photos my wonderful flickr contacts have been posting, this is one place I NEED to go!)…and the ‘stars’ being the hundreds of white pelicans seen there.

Another place on the list is Fort Desoto.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about this place for getting some unique birds…including Frigates, another one on my list!

Also, Jamie has been going to the Canaveral Locks (I think this ...

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a couple more from monday…

December 30, 2009 Wildlife Photography  No comments

Wanted to post a couple more photos I took Monday while out with my friend, John.  I’m hoping to get out and do a little more wildlife photography this holiday weekend also.

Burrowing Owl in Punta Gorda, Florida

Whoooo Goes There?

White tailed deer in Myakka River State Park…we saw her and tried to tip toe through the woods to get closer (of course, I couldn’t sneak up on anything in the woods, I seem to step on every twig!)she was in some dark shade so I did what I could to get the shutter speed up but it’s a bit noisy…she was so cute, I had to post this one.


I can’t believe 2009 is almost over….it went by so fast!  I hope everyone has had a great year and gets to have an even better 2010!

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a day off…

December 29, 2009 Wildlife Photography  No comments

I had yesterday off, and I spent it shooting wildlife photos with my friend, John.  Lots of critters were out yesterday and the weather was great…till late in the afternoon when all of a sudden the wind whipped up and it got COLD!  Ok, for those of you non-Floridians…a windy day in the 50’s is cold.

Here’s a few shots from yesterday:

Shrike Snack

Great Blue Heron

Whoooo Goes There?

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