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December 30, 2009 Photography  No comments

I’ve got quite a few to-do lists (especially to do with portraits, the studio, lighting, etc), but for today I’ll just write about the areas I want to make sure I visit in 2010 for wildlife photography.

The first one is Circle B Bar Reserve – I almost got up there before Christmas to meet up with the flickr group, but I got sick and stayed home.  This place seems to be just loaded with wildlife (going by the photos my wonderful flickr contacts have been posting, this is one place I NEED to go!)…and the ‘stars’ being the hundreds of white pelicans seen there.

Another place on the list is Fort Desoto.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about this place for getting some unique birds…including Frigates, another one on my list!

Also, Jamie has been going to the Canaveral Locks (I think this is the place here) and getting Gannetts.  These birds are definitely on my ‘want’ list, so maybe when I get back to Viera Wetlands, I can get Jamie to show me the locks ;-)  And I do want to get back to Viera Wetlands and do that again, recently my contacts have been posting Masked Duck and Otter photos from there!

I do have one Gannett photo, just one.  I saw this guy while we were on a whale watching trip in Cape Cod, the guide pointed it out as we were heading out to see the whales.

Cape Cod Gannet

Of course, I’ll be hitting all the local haunts of mine…. Dinner Island, Corkscrew, Ding Darling and the ones I try to frequent down south like Green Cay, Wako and Loxahatchee.

See you out in the field!

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