Happy Birthday…to me!

January 24, 2010 Photography  No comments

This post was written on the 23rd, and set to publish on the 24th….

Monorail At Epcot

36 years ago today I was born, January 24th.  It’s difficult to actually type out 36.  30 didn’t bother me, 35 didn’t bother me, but 36 is just killing me for some reason.  Where in the heck did the time go????  In order to help me forget my age, I’m going to Epcot for my birthday.

Universe Of Energy At Epcot

I like Epcot, it’s one of the most relaxing parks in Walt Disney World and…. you can drink.  Margaritas in Mexico, beer in Germany, mulled wine in Germany, mixed drinks in the U.K.  I love it!  It’s basically a family tradition now.

Epcot: Family

Italy At Epcot

Mexico At Epcot

A big thank you for who is going to make my 36th birthday the best…. my husband and my parents, love you guys!


Mom & Dad

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