lo-mob on the iphone

January 30, 2010 Photography  No comments

You all know how much I’m in love with my iphone…and how I love to use the camera apps!  I just got the lo-mob app the other day and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites!  I haven’t had a chance to run through all of the goodies this app has, but here’s a few photos below taken with it…and yes, I like stop signs :)


I like stop signs


Check out some of these shots from the lo-mob flickr group!

My creation

1. Bighorn Sheep, 2. Counting Pennies, 3. flag, 4. BDA ->, 5. Night Train, 6. 49/365, 7. Out From San Diego, 8. within fingers reach, 9. pie, 10. photo, 11. Life: Ding Dong, 12. Evening glow, 13. Write it Down, 14. , 15. Ivinghoe series 1 of 4, 16. Bowling shoes

Happy shooting!

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