Black And White Film

February 10, 2010 Photography  No comments

In my last post I showed you the film from the Diana Mini, in this post I wanted to show you a few favorites from my most recent roll from the Canon AE-1 Program camera.  I’m loving this camera…it’s super sharp!  I’m just sort of using it as a point and shoot right now…it has an ‘auto’ setting where it chooses the fstop and shutter speed for you, all you have to do is manually focus.  I do want to get this baby out of auto mode and shoot some more soon!  Mainly I was keeping it in ‘auto’ mode to make sure it worked ok.  Now that I know it takes some great sharp photos, I want to really put it through it’s paces!

Non of these images have had anything done to them other than being resized for the web and adding my watermark  (‘desaturate’ was also used in photoshop to remove any green casts to the images due to the processing by taking it to a drugstore type place.)


My Buddy

Gas Station

Rusting On Loop Road

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