Humane Society Benefit Shoot

June 14, 2010 Photography  No comments

We just did a shoot this past weekend at the Humane Society of Broward County (please check out their website and all of the absolutely adorable pooches and kitties they have up for adoption!).  We photographed some of the therapy dogs and their owners.  My husband and I brought our whole entire studio set up with the seamless white paper and floor to the shelter.  My buddy Marni Bellavia was there and we made quite the team…getting everyone in and out, getting tons of amazing shots, Marni working the squeaky toys like nobody’s business, and just having a blast while we did it!  Marni’s aunt was also there, taking care of the registrations and paperwork, and…as you’ll see…she shot the little video clips you’ll see below…I can’t thank her enough for that!

The dog owners were amazing and so sweet, but their dogs were just as amazing too!  I can see why they do what they do…visiting schools, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.  I heard some wonderful heartwarming stories of how everyone came to own/adopt their dogs and some of the people they’ve met while doing pet therapy work.

Here’s a little video of just one of the owners and dogs…I wish we could have gotten more video of the 13 other owners/dogs there.

(if you’re reading this blog post on facebook, you’ll have to come to – to view the video).

Here’s a few sneak peeks from just a few of the sessions…more to come as I go through the 2000+ photos I took tomorrow and begin to get all of the print package orders placed.

Therapy Dog Photo Shoot

Bella the Australian Shepherd….one word to describe her? Delicious!  What an absolutely beautiful, talented and sweet dog!  She also came in with Cinch, another Aussie who was whispering sweet nothings in my ear as I took photos of Bella :)

Therapy Dog Photo Shoot

This photo of Sherry and Sophie really shows the fun day we had…. Sophie is a Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever x Poodle mix), who was just so lovable and sweet, I wanted to just love on her all day!

Therapy Dog Photo Shoot

Virginia and her Maltese babies…. these three tiny little furbabies were just ADORABLE!  I love this shot of them with all of their tongues out at the same time, too cute!

Therapy Dog Photo Shoot

Lori and Tovah were an adorable couple!  Tovah’s coat was amazing, so soft!  And I loved how color coordinated Lori’s top was to Tovah’s coat…not sure if this was planned or not but I loved it!

Therapy Dog Photo Shoot

Candace, Bo and Cricket…. such a sweet lady with super sweet dogs…loved them!  I love Aussies, they are just so intelligent…so much so that you can see it in their eyes.  Check out those adorable animal print bandannas!

Therapy Dog Photo Shoot

Linda and Bella…..these two were just so sweet together!  I love doing pet photography, you can see how much love the person and the pet have for eachother…and these two were soul mates!

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