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I was inspired by this post today….about fur kids.  We had to put our male Great Dane to sleep over a month ago and I miss him dearly.  We still have Duchess, and she is getting really spoiled rotten ;-)  She gets extra kisses, extra hugs, extra treats, and just extra loving in general since she’s now an only dog.  We don’t have plans to bring in another dog right now…I think we’re good with just her.  And I think SHE’S happy to be the only dog as well.

As of right now she’s under the computer desk, with her head in my lap because we’ve got one of our typical late afternoon Florida thunderstorms going on outside and she HATES thunder.  She’s gotten to where if it starts to rain, she gets worried because she knows the thunder isn’t far behind.

This is how we watch TV

Happy Girl

Who Goes There?

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