Point And Shoot

September 13, 2010 Photography  No comments

I researched it, I asked people about it, and it seemed my best bet was to take the point and shoot to Europe and leave the big gear behind.  Most things I read or people mentioned was about theft, and that was the LAST thing I wanted to happen.  I was worried I’d miss the DSLR, that I’d wish I had a wider lens or a longer lens….but you know what?  It was RELAXING to just be able to whip out that little powershot SD1200is and snap photos.  It was definitely a change of pace to take a photo and not worry about fstops or shutter speeds, to literally just point and shoot.  And it was also nice to be able to just put it in my little pacsafe bag, and not have to carry around this HUGE bag with a heavy DSLR in it :)

Beaumaris Blooms

Super Rainbow


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