wildlife photography -editing- with portrait actions

October 25, 2010 Photography  No comments

I wanted to give you another option for editing your wildlife photography images in photoshop.  Using portrait actions!  Just because it’s a portrait action doesn’t mean you HAVE to use it on a photo of a person.

Here is the before/after of an image of an Osprey flying with a fish.  The first thing I did was crop it, since I wasn’t keeping up with the bird as I should have, he’s a little off center.

Next, I used the FREE Coffee Shop Action: Perfect Portrait (you can grab that HERE, along with more specific directions on using this action).

You’ll want to fiddle around with the layers that this action leaves you with after it’s finished running.  I used the layers to lighten and sharpen the eye, lighten some of the shadows under the wing (I didn’t want to go crazy, those shadows are just natural to how the light was that day, I just wanted to lighten them up a tad), and I left the vignette…I liked the effect it gave.  You don’t ALWAYS have to edit your wildlife photos to be totally realistic, you can have a little creative fun too!

Once finished, you just flatten and ‘save as’ a jpg.


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