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For a young pup (almost 6 months old), Earl is actually a really good boy…but I’ve forgotten how much work it still is to

have a dog so young.  He’s basically housebroken at this point, there hasn’t been one accident in the house.  But…he’s still

a little guy so he can’t hold his bladder/poo as long as a bigger adult dog can so I’ve got to watch him for signs that he needs

to go out.  Usually standing by the door, pacing, or even whining a little bit are usually the cues.

A Big New World

He’s doing really well with ‘listening’.  If I call him, or if I say ‘no’, or ‘leave it’, or ‘in the house’…9 times out of 10

he does exactly as I ask.

He does ‘taste’ things around the house.  He’s got that puppy urge to chew, so I usually watch him carefully…

say ‘no’ if he tries out the coffee table leg and replace it with his own toy.


Crate training begins soon.  We have one of the largest metal crates they make for giant breed dogs…but years ago

Duchess destroyed the door on it.  Yesterday my husband took the door off the crate to have a friend who is a welder

fix it for us.  In the meantime, Earl has had free access to the crate.  During the day I’ll put his bed in there and a toy,

I’ll also sneak a few kibbles of his dog food in there when he’s not looking so that when he goes in on his own he gets

‘rewarded’ with a surprise.

Earl is also doing a little TV watching.  Duchess could care less about what’s on the TV.  Our previous male, Gunther…

absolutely LOVED television.  I hadn’t ever had a dog that liked TV as much as he did.  Gosh I miss my Gooney Gunther

so much!

So it’s kinda cool to have Earl who is taking an interest in it as well.

It's Earl!

Duchess has also really done well accepting this new dog into her life.  She’s not the queen of the castle any longer, and

has to share her home with the little guy…but she’s coming around.  They’ve also started to play together.  She thinks she

is a young dog…. but she’s 9 years old and her hind end is weakening.  She starts to play with Earl and sometimes her

back end goes out from under her.  I’ll supervise the playing, and if she starts to get too out of hand I’ll stop it.  She is

the type of dog that would play and play and not pay any mind to the fact that she is hurting herself.


Luckily, my husband hasn’t needed me in the office at work since we got Earl so I’ve been home with him every day.

Also, I’ve had a yucky head cold, and there’s no crate to put him in…so being home with him was perfect.  I had to come

in to the office today so Earl is with me.  I’m hoping the crate door will be fixed today so I can start his crate training.

One thing Earl did start with was diarreah with a little blood in it.  We took him to the vet, they did a fecal and checked

him out and found nothing.  So they gave us some anti-diarreah meds and he’s been on that.  He’s getting better, but his

bowel movements aren’t where they should be yet.  At least last night he only woke me up ONE TIME to go potty as

opposed to three times.

Duchess And Earl

All in all, Earl is by far the EASIEST pup I’ve ever had.  He’s laid back, easy going, brave, and just plain fun.  We love him

a lot already and he’s only been in our lives for less than a week ;-)


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