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2010 Year In Pictures

December 31, 2010 Photography  No comments

January 2010…. it was cold here in southwest Florida!

Frozen :)

February 2010…. I got my first photo of a Ring Necked Duck…
Ring Necked Duck

March 2010… I got some of my best in-flight shots of the Barred Owls…
Taking Flight
Also my first American Bittern:
American Bittern
And my first shots of a Great Horned Owl: Great Horned Owl
April 2010…
Had my first crawfish attack ;-)
When Crustaceans Attack
May 2010… wasn’t really much of a photography month for me, but I did try to at least post something…which led to this dragonfly with my little point and shoot camera…
June 2010… we did the Humane Society of Broward County benefit shoot featuring the working therapy dogs and their owners…
HSBC Shoot
I also started to sell vinyl backdrops I created at The Drop Shoppe, my online store…
Red Doors Backdrop
Also got my first shot of Barred Owls grooming each other…

July 2010…

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so close!

December 21, 2010 Photography  One comment

We are so close to Christmas…I can’t believe how fast that came around this year!

I’m not overly excited about Christmas this year for some reason…it could be because my parents aren’t going to be around.  They drove up to be with my family in CT because my aunt is going in to have surgery to donate a kidney!  Everyone up there is in my heart and my prayers.  We’re going to call up there tonight with my iphone to do some face time chat with the fam, I think that will be fun and nice to ‘see’ everyone before the big day.

We are also not giving too many gifts this year and already discussed it with everyone so they don’t buy for us either.  It’s a crappy economy and they know we love them, and we know they love us, so we don’t need a lot of presents...

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Always bring your camera

December 21, 2010 Wildlife Photography  No comments

Ok….I run out to the store this morning. For a split second I had a thought run through my head that I should bring the camera. Then I thought, nah! So I drive down my street. I notice how gorgeous the light is, how blue the sky is……and there’s three caracara and one vulture. All three were ADULTS….hey, I like the juvies but the adults are so much more beautiful.

I’m now mad, and say to myself, “I friggin knew it!”. So I got to the store, I drive back home down my street and they’re all STILL THERE...

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he’s getting so big!

December 17, 2010 Photography  No comments

Earl, our Great Dane puppy is doing great and he’s getting so big.  I’m trying to enjoy and soak up every minute he’s a puppy.  We took some photos the other day, I needed a model for some backdrops from The Drop Shoppe and he was there so I used him ;-)



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