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December 21, 2010 Wildlife Photography  No comments

Ok….I run out to the store this morning. For a split second I had a thought run through my head that I should bring the camera. Then I thought, nah! So I drive down my street. I notice how gorgeous the light is, how blue the sky is……and there’s three caracara and one vulture. All three were ADULTS….hey, I like the juvies but the adults are so much more beautiful.

I’m now mad, and say to myself, “I friggin knew it!”. So I got to the store, I drive back home down my street and they’re all STILL THERE. I get to my house, unlock the gate, drive up the driveway, go inside, grab the camera, go back outside, get back into the jeep, drive down the driveway, open and shut the gate, get back out to the street where they were and NO ONE is left except this vulture who had this raccoon breakfast all to himself. Needless to say, the ONLY one happy was the vulture.

So… this photo could have many titles. Like…

“Heather should follow her first instincts.”
“Don’t leave home without your camera”.
“Vultures are happy when the caracara leave, Heather is not”.
“Damn that Murphy’s Law”
“If you’ve got your camera, and the GOOD birds have gone, take a shot of the junk bird anyway”.

This Should Have Been Three Crested Caracara

I also failed at shooting the lunar eclipse last night.  I DID set my alarm, and I DID get up.  I took the puppy out to go potty, looked up at the really cool orange moon during mid-eclipse and decided I was too tired and too cold to go get the camera so I went back to bed.  I did shoot a couple shots of it BEFORE the eclipse….

Full Moon

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