so close!

December 21, 2010 Photography  One comment

We are so close to Christmas…I can’t believe how fast that came around this year!

I’m not overly excited about Christmas this year for some reason…it could be because my parents aren’t going to be around.  They drove up to be with my family in CT because my aunt is going in to have surgery to donate a kidney!  Everyone up there is in my heart and my prayers.  We’re going to call up there tonight with my iphone to do some face time chat with the fam, I think that will be fun and nice to ‘see’ everyone before the big day.

We are also not giving too many gifts this year and already discussed it with everyone so they don’t buy for us either.  It’s a crappy economy and they know we love them, and we know they love us, so we don’t need a lot of presents.  My husband and I did get ourselves one thing…a soft top for the Jeep.  We’re putting that on this week and the first chance we get we’re going topless!  Probably a little off roading on Christmas day is on the menu.

I just wanted to add a few more past Christmas photos to the blog for you :)




One comment to so close!

  • Jamie Drake not found  says:

    It doesn’t feel like it should be Christmas yet. I agree. I don’t know why either, and it’s funny because me and my friend Sandy just had this conversation an hour ago. :) Your photography is beautiful as usual. Have a wonderful Christmas, and an amazing and prosperous New Year. -Jamie

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