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Tis The Season

December 6, 2010 Photography  No comments

I can not believe we are in December already!  The time has just flown by.  The weather down here in southwest Florida has also been amazing and is going to get better.  Tomorrow they’re expecting frost…which to some people will be bad…but to me it’s great, that means it should kill off the rest of the lingering mosquitoes and other pesky things likes gnats.  Also…December means we are out of hurricane season!!!

Since we’re on the verge of Christmas, I figured I’d share a few past holiday images.

What Does Bokeh Sound Like?


Le père Noël


Epcot Dec. 2007

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December 1, 2010 Photography  3 comments

I took the camera out yesterday when we let the dogs loose in the yard, they had a great time exploring our five acres.  Earl especially LOVED it!

We don’t let them loose all the time.  When we take them out to go potty we usually walk them on leashes.  Sounds crazy right?  Well, we live in an extremely rural area, and there’s just too much trouble for them to get into…even in our own backyard.  Now that it’s cooling off the poisonous frogs will slowly go away and the snakes are not around as much either.  So we’ll be able to let them loose more often.  Duchess has a high prey drive and will go after anything that moves fast, and Earl is led around by his nose…I call it his super sniffer…he sniffs EVERYTHING.

Two Dogs

The Duchess And The Earl




The Duchess And The Doofus

Catching up with Duchess…she’s 9 years old now, I can’t beli...

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