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freebie: florida panther desktop wallpaper

January 26, 2011 Free DownloadsWildlife Photography  2 comments

I wanted to make a desktop wallpaper to share featuring my Florida Panther images.

This is sized 1600pixels by 1200pixels.

To get the FULL SIZE desktop wallpaper, you must download it at the link below the wallpaper preview.


Download the wallpaper HERE
To learn how to install desktop wallpaper in Windows, click HERE

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just another day?

January 24, 2011 Photography  No comments

Well, I’m continuing my time on the ‘wrong side’ of 35 today by turning 37.  Where did the time go?  I think for my birthday I’d like a trip back in time to the 1990’s please!

If You Were Born Today, January 24
Multi-talented and diverse, you are an interesting person who can draw upon both creative and logical sides of the brain equally. Others find you funny, great for advice, and extremely perceptive. Always interested in how people tick, you are a natural psychologist. You are security-minded but although you don’t like too much change, you do require stimulation in your day to day affairs. Many of you hold more than one job. Famous people born today: Desmond Morris, Mary Lou Retton, John Belushi, Oral Roberts, Neil Diamond, Nastassja Kinski, Warren Zevon.

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Green Cay & Wakodahatchee Wetlands

January 21, 2011 Wildlife Photography  One comment

I had to head down south to Broward county this week so I figured I’d stay over and hit a couple of wildlife spots while I was there.  One is Green Cay Wetlands which is in Delray and there’s also Wakodahatchee Wetlands which is also right around the corner.  The day started off really cloudy and foggy but when it came to the birds I wanted (the Sora and Snipe) the weather somewhat behaved!

Breakfast Watch

Step To It

Hello There!

Rump Shaker

Do These Feathers Make My Butt Look Big?


Sky Rockets In Flight....Afternoon Delight...

And this is George…he’s a Great Blue Heron with a pretty serious looking injury, there’s a hole below his beak where his tongue sticks out!  I’m told he’s still going strong despite his handicap and has been out there for several breeding seasons.  Go George!

You Can't Hold A Good Man Down

I’m seriously considering getting the Canon 400mm f5.6 L prime lens.  I normally use the Canon zoom 100-400mm f4/5...

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Beautiful Florida Days

January 10, 2011 Photography  One comment

Yesterday morning, before the sun came up I went out to see what wildlife I could find.  I was going to drive a few hours and meet a few friends over on the east coast of Florida but at the last minute my husband had to work and if I was gone all day, and he didn’t get home till late, that would put Earl (our Great Dane pup) in the crate for way too long.  So I stuck around close to home.

The sunrise wasn’t really spectacular but it was still pretty, I prefer it if there’s lots of clouds in the sky as the sun is coming up.  Plus, I couldn’t make it back to the road I normally like to do the sunrises on before the sun came up, so I had to take what I could get.   I did find a different spot I want to start trying to sunrises from…but it’s going to require me leaving even earlier.

Good Morning Sunshine


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