Beautiful Florida Days

January 10, 2011 Photography  One comment

Yesterday morning, before the sun came up I went out to see what wildlife I could find.  I was going to drive a few hours and meet a few friends over on the east coast of Florida but at the last minute my husband had to work and if I was gone all day, and he didn’t get home till late, that would put Earl (our Great Dane pup) in the crate for way too long.  So I stuck around close to home.

The sunrise wasn’t really spectacular but it was still pretty, I prefer it if there’s lots of clouds in the sky as the sun is coming up.  Plus, I couldn’t make it back to the road I normally like to do the sunrises on before the sun came up, so I had to take what I could get.   I did find a different spot I want to start trying to sunrises from…but it’s going to require me leaving even earlier.

Good Morning Sunshine

The deer are starting to come back out little by little.  It’s still hunting season, but it’s only small game.  Although with hunters still out there, the deer are still skittish.  Not too much longer and hunting season will be over and everything will start to come out again.  Normally in the spring you literally have to wait for deer to cross the road in front of you, they’re all over the place.

Wild And Free

Pretty Little Girl

I did see quite a few Red Shouldered Hawks, all pairing up for mating season…this was the only couple I could photograph together.

Red Shouldered Hawk Pair

Red Shouldered Hawk

The little tiny birds, who I usually have trouble shooting…were actually quite cooperative yesterday!

Eastern Phoebe

A Light Snack

I pretty much just saw the ‘usual suspects’ yesterday….I was hoping for a bald eagle or a harrier but didn’t even see any of those.  I know where I can go to get Eagles and Harriers, but I kind of want to get them in my home area too.  They’re here, they’re just hard to find.  I am planning to do a few day trips to get those birds though.



Loggerhead Shrike

Crested Caracara

One comment to Beautiful Florida Days

  • Terry Davis UNITED STATES  says:

    You had an outstanding day Heather, These pictures are outstanding

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