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paper flower frame and other goodies

February 25, 2011 Photography  One comment

We went to Europe this past August and I have yet to print out and hang any photos of our trip!  I know, shame on me!  When I saw this tutorial HERE on how to make paper flowers, I got an idea.  I took a 5×7 frame I already had, covered it in pages from an old book (I just tore pages out and ripped them into strips), covered that with modge podge and then made the flowers from the same book and glued them on.  I also used a little distressing ink on everything since the book was fairly new and didn’t have that nice aged brown look to it and added a pretty brown ribbon to hang it by (just hot glued the ends of it on the back of the frame).  I think this was the perfect frame for the photo of the Eiffel Tower I took the day we were in Paris!


When I was in Michael’s craft store the o...

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free download: 8″x10″ print

February 22, 2011 Free Downloads  No comments

Was driving home yesterday, listening to my ipod (my 90’s music!) and Cheryl Crow’s Soak Up the Sun, heard these lyrics and thought they’d make a cute print to hang on the wall.

Download your own (high res) to print out * HERE *


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Antique Stores

February 21, 2011 Photography  No comments

Ooooh, I love antique stores.  My parents had to drag me to them when I was a little kid but as an adult, I just love them.

there’s so much to be found there!

Here’s a few things I picked up this past weekend.



Wooden thread spools.

I’ve got a project in mind for these and was so happy to find so many!

Buttons & Bottles

Buttons and milk bottles.

I’ve been looking for some buttons to use for another project, and figured these two glass milk bottles were cute and

would be nice to store the buttons in while they wait for me to use them.  I’m liking the buttons in the bottles so much

that I might have to buy MORE buttons so when I finish the project I want to do, I still have buttons to fill the milk


As soon as I finish some of the projects, I’ll post them here.

I’ll leave you today with thi...

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heart garland diy

February 16, 2011 Photography  One comment

I’m LOVING Pinterest, there’s so much to be found on there…and it’s such an easy way to save anything you find on the web and share with friends.

My sister-in-law is going to be bringing my niece up to our house to do a photo shoot and I was thinking…I need something for the shoot but I didn’t know what I wanted.  We of course have a ton of great places to shoot on our five acres….fallen logs, great trees, pine cones, wooden fences, etc… but I wanted something extra.

I found this tutorial HERE on pinterest of how to create heart garland.  I figured I’d do my own take on it...

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