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February 16, 2011 Photography  One comment

I’m LOVING Pinterest, there’s so much to be found on there…and it’s such an easy way to save anything you find on the web and share with friends.

My sister-in-law is going to be bringing my niece up to our house to do a photo shoot and I was thinking…I need something for the shoot but I didn’t know what I wanted.  We of course have a ton of great places to shoot on our five acres….fallen logs, great trees, pine cones, wooden fences, etc… but I wanted something extra.

I found this tutorial HERE on pinterest of how to create heart garland.  I figured I’d do my own take on it.  I followed the tutorial, but instead of hanging them from ribbon I used twine to make loops and then hung them on another longer piece of twine so I can hang them between trees or even have my husband and brother-in-law just hold the garland behind my niece as we move around the yard.

I used what I had on hand.  Photo paper (created 2″x6″ strips in photoshop and just covered them with different patterns, I figured doing them with photos was a fantastic idea, but these are just going to be in the background and all I wanted was for them to be colorful), then printed out the sheets and cut them with my paper cutter.  Then just grabbed my staples and twine I had laying around and…viola’!

If you want to find some cute patterns, try the photoshop .pat files over at Deviantart.com

I wasn’t really exact in any measurements other than the strips I cut for the hearts.

Have fun making your own! :)



One comment to heart garland diy

  • Shelley Haganman not found  says:

    Heather I LOVE your take on my photo heart project!! Love the colors and LOVE the twine!!! :) Shelley

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