Antique Stores

February 21, 2011 Photography  No comments

Ooooh, I love antique stores.  My parents had to drag me to them when I was a little kid but as an adult, I just love them.

there’s so much to be found there!

Here’s a few things I picked up this past weekend.



Wooden thread spools.

I’ve got a project in mind for these and was so happy to find so many!

Buttons & Bottles

Buttons and milk bottles.

I’ve been looking for some buttons to use for another project, and figured these two glass milk bottles were cute and

would be nice to store the buttons in while they wait for me to use them.  I’m liking the buttons in the bottles so much

that I might have to buy MORE buttons so when I finish the project I want to do, I still have buttons to fill the milk


As soon as I finish some of the projects, I’ll post them here.

I’ll leave you today with this….my little boy, Earl.  Last month when he turned 8 months old he was right at 100 pounds.

I haven’t been able to weigh him this month, but in a few days he’ll be 9 months old, and I know he’s well over 100

pounds.  My little growing boy!

Growing Boy

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