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Questions about starting to take wildlife photos

March 21, 2011 Wildlife Photography  One comment

I get asked quite a bit what type of camera and lenses should someone buy for wildlife photography.  Let me tell you, it’s NOT the  high dollar DSLR’s that will take great photos, it’s YOU.  My first DSLR was the Canon Digital Rebel (300D) the first affordable DSLR Canon came out with back in the 90’s.  That camera, to this day takes GREAT photos.  Currently my brother has it, I lent it to him with some lenses and he’s taking great shots with it.

Here’s a photo I took with the Digital Rebel and the old kit lens, the 18-55mm.  It’s a long exposure of 30 seconds and I had the camera on my tripod.

Bridge - Moore Haven, FL

And one more with the Digital Rebel:

Bronc Rider

If you’re considering moving up from a point and shoot into something more advanced, but aren’t sure if you’re really going to go gung-ho with the DS...

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rare florida wildlife

March 20, 2011 Photography  One comment

As most wildlife photographers do…I have a ‘list’ of ‘wants’.  This past January I was blessed with my biggest want of all time, the Florida Panther.  Still on the list is a coyote, a Florida bear, the Everglades Mink and a few others.

I have also been able to capture some other rare things over the years that I was able to knock off the list…here’s a few of them.

The Skunk.

We all know the smell of a skunk, but have you ever seen one?  I would have thought that I would have seen a skunk in the wild YEARS ago.  The only time I’ve even seen a skunk in captivity was a pet albino skunk...

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St. Petersburg Times Interview – Florida Panthers

March 18, 2011 Photography  2 comments

Thank you so much to Jeff Klinkenberg for the wonderful and beautifully written article he did about the day my husband

and I saw saw three Florida Panthers.  If you’d like to read the article you can find it HERE and it will also be in the St.

Petersburg Times newspaper on Sunday.

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March 15, 2011 Photography  No comments

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