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Bird Rookeries along the Peace River

April 12, 2011 Wildlife Photography  7 comments

I’ve met so many absolutely wonderful friends and photographers through flickr over the last four years.   It’s amazing how one website can bring so many people together and have them become friends.  Everyone shares photography tips, the best places to go to find whatever bird or mammal you’re looking to add to your ‘list’ of images and we always have wonderful photography meet ups.

JMW on flickr, also known as Michael is one of those contacts.  He’s been a contact of mine for awhile now but we never had the chance to meet, until this past weekend.  He invited Michael Pancier, Claudia Domenig and I out on his boat for a tour of the bird rookeries along the Peace River.  I had already met Michael Pancier and Claudia at previous meet ups, but this was the first time I met JMW.

JMW pu...

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April 1st

April 1, 2011 Photography  No comments

Here we are…April 1st, and google has done it again.  I just love what they do for April Fools Day

Check it out HERE

I’ve been pretty busy lately but none of it has involved a camera so I haven’t posted much on flickr or here on the blog.   I’ve been wanting to get our Great Dane puppy Earl into the office again to do some more studio shots of him with my backdrops but just haven’t had the time, so I went through my older shots the other day and edited a few and figured I’d post them here.  He’s now 9 months old, over 100 pounds and is possibly turning into the smartest dog we’ve ever owned.  Which is weird, because I do tend to gravitate to the goofy and stupid dogs…since they don’t seem to get into as much trouble as the smart ones...

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