April 1st

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Here we are…April 1st, and google has done it again.  I just love what they do for April Fools Day

Check it out HERE

I’ve been pretty busy lately but none of it has involved a camera so I haven’t posted much on flickr or here on the blog.   I’ve been wanting to get our Great Dane puppy Earl into the office again to do some more studio shots of him with my backdrops but just haven’t had the time, so I went through my older shots the other day and edited a few and figured I’d post them here.  He’s now 9 months old, over 100 pounds and is possibly turning into the smartest dog we’ve ever owned.  Which is weird, because I do tend to gravitate to the goofy and stupid dogs…since they don’t seem to get into as much trouble as the smart ones.  I pretty much got lucky with my first Great Dane, Gunther…he was a big baby and never got into any trouble, and then came Duchess…who has figured out how to get her front feet up on top of the kitchen counter next to the fridge and grab things off the top of it.  Let me tell you, it took several months and several rentals of a carpet cleaner to get out one gallon of vegetable oil from our carpet in the living room…..we have a stain on our ceiling we’re trying to figure out how to get rid of from Duchess biting into a brand new 2 liter bottle of pepsi and having it explode.

Earl hasn’t really gotten into any abnormal trouble or damaged anything expensive, just the typical puppy stuff.  Pulling a napkin out of the trash and chewing it, finding a hair scrunchie and slobbing all over it, etc…..But, he’s doing extremely well learning commands.  He knows HERE, drop it, go lay down, sit, load up (to get in the crate) and he’s doing super learning to fetch.   This is the first dog that has actually chased a stick and BROUGHT IT BACK TO YOU.  I’m trying to constantly work with him even if it’s just sit and stay in the house once a day so he’s always learning and enjoying it.  If I’m stuck with a smart dog, we’re going to make the best of it, lol!

IMG_7251 copy

My Little Boy

IMG_7291a copy

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