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She Turned Ten Years Old Yesterday

June 21, 2011 Photography  3 comments

Peanut-buttery Goodness

Our Great Dane, Duchess turned ten years old yesterday.  I know for average and small sized dogs that’s not a big milestone…but for a giant breed dog…it’s huge.  She’s all white (with two small spots on her body) so you can’t see how completely white with gray hairs her muzzle would be.  Her breath stinks, her back end is weak, she slobbers more in her old age, but she keeps going strong and we love her dearly.


She’s not fast enough to chase the wild rabbits in the yard, she can’t keep up with our other Great Dane, Earl… but she is happy doing what she does best….eating, snacking on carrots, trying to steal a lick of soda from our glass, sleeping in the sunshine as it streams through the front windows, and snuggling with us at night when we watch TV.

Give me carrot!

We adopted her when she was ...

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