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happy world photography day

August 19, 2011 Photography  No comments

It’s World Photography Day today.  Even though I can’t get out and shoot anything (my crohn’s colitis is flaring up) I hope you get to go out and use your camera today! :)

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Remembering Klaus Peter

August 15, 2011 PhotographyWildlife Photography  4 comments

I have been dreading writing this post.  I know there will be tears during this because I’ve shed them reading other friends’ blog posts, photo tributes and posts on facebook.  I found out Saturday that an amazing wildlife photographer and friend had passed away suddenly.  Klaus Peter was a friend to everyone.  Whether you’d only conversed with him through emails and facebook messages, or commented on his flickr photos, or had met him on photo shoots.  He was someone that everyone considered a friend.  There aren’t enough people in this world like Klaus Peter, and it’s hard to lose him.  I think everyone in this world only knows a handful of people like him.

Green Cay Wetlands Klaus at Green Cay Wetlands, Delray, Florida

Klaus was known and loved by many people...

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