Remembering Klaus Peter

August 15, 2011 PhotographyWildlife Photography  4 comments

I have been dreading writing this post.  I know there will be tears during this because I’ve shed them reading other friends’ blog posts, photo tributes and posts on facebook.  I found out Saturday that an amazing wildlife photographer and friend had passed away suddenly.  Klaus Peter was a friend to everyone.  Whether you’d only conversed with him through emails and facebook messages, or commented on his flickr photos, or had met him on photo shoots.  He was someone that everyone considered a friend.  There aren’t enough people in this world like Klaus Peter, and it’s hard to lose him.  I think everyone in this world only knows a handful of people like him.

Green Cay Wetlands Klaus at Green Cay Wetlands, Delray, Florida

Klaus was known and loved by many people.  Including people that had never met him face to face.  He’d comment on your flickr photos, he’d help you via email with photoshop, he’d comment on your facebook posts…all without meeting you.  Through just your interactions online, you called him a friend.   He’d tell you where the best spots were to get photos of whatever ‘lifer’ bird you were looking to photograph to ‘cross off your list’.  He’d meet up with anyone that wanted to go shoot for the day.  He’d help you with your camera and settings, showing you how to get the best shots.  He was a wealth of information and he loved to share what he knew with other people.

KlausKlaus at a Dinner Island WMA meet up.

Klaus had a fantastic sense of humor as well.  It was actually my favorite type of humor…the kind where if you didn’t know him, he’d shock you a little.  He could tell you a joke with a straight face and wait for you to realize he was kidding.  He’d tell you he was out shooting Florida wildlife and came across a polar bear, or a giraffe…and he’d post the image on facebook to prove it.  Of course he was extremely talented in photoshop…so the fact that he could tell you a joke with a straight face AND back it up with a photo was pure Klaus!

The darndest thing...

Klaus was always up for meet ups…and a good time.  This photo was one I took of him the last time I saw him.  We had a pretty big meet up at Dinner Island Wildlife Management Area.  It was a large group so quite a few of us carpooled around the property.  Klaus and Alan rode in the back of Dan’s pickup as they followed Scott and I around.

Boys In The Hood

Our big yearly meet ups just won’t be the same without him.  I know he’ll be there in spirit.

Flickr Group Meet-Up

Scott who considered Klaus a brother wanted to have a memorial photo walk in Klaus’ honor.  He decided to have it at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida.  Circle B was one of Klaus’ favorite places to shoot and it’s absolutely fitting that we all go there.  If you’re interested in celebrating Klaus’ life and memories with us, you can find more information on the facebook even page HERE or if you’re not on facebook you can find the information in the Florida Outdoors flickr group HERE.

I had to add in Klaus’ flickr page so that you can view his work.  Click HERE.

The Usual Suspects


Klaus And Dennis

My Friend For Life,Miss You

Dinner Island Meet Up 11-21-2010

Viera Wetlands Flickr Meet Up

I will miss you Klaus.
Frieden mein Freund
(Peace my friend).

4 comments to Remembering Klaus Peter

  • Meg Puente UNITED STATES  says:

    Heather, this brings tears to my eyes… again… So beautifully done.

    I think I mourn his loss as much for the wonderful times we shared with him as for the times I missed a meetup, and for the times that will never be.

    He came to a place far from home that he loved to do what he loved and surrounded himself with an environment he adored, then found a way to make his living from it. He showed many of us an appreciation of nature and showed us things that we never knew existed or ever dreamed that we could participate in such a positive way. He was an inspiration for us in so many ways.

  • Michael Libbe UNITED STATES  says:

    Beautiful tribute, Heather. I know how hard it was for you to write this. Klaus will be forever remembered in our words, images and hearts.

  • Merisi AUSTRIA  says:

    Thank you for the tribute, Heather!
    I am one of those people who never met Klaus, but admired his photography skills and the spirit behind them immensely.
    My condolences to all you knew and loved him.
    May he rest in peace.

  • Liz CANADA  says:

    We’ve seen recently photgraphs in Grande Prairie Alberta by Klaus Peters – do you know from where we could purchase these photos? They are about 12″ x 24″ – all of older buildings with animals (deer, geese, etc) in the foreground. I’ve searched the internet – found some photos at Unique Gallery in Grande Prairie, but no reference to these?
    Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

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