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November 12, 2011 Photography  No comments

If you want to get your images out there and get published in books, calendars, magazines, etc… then you need to make sure that all of the images you post on are tagged properly.  99% of the requests I get for my images are through flickr because someone searched a specific animal and came across my stuff.   I have yet to contact any organization myself offering images, everything I’ve been published in so far is because people contacted me.

For example, this photo below would be tagged:   circle b bar reserve, lakeland, florida, polk county, duck, bird, flight, black bellied whistling duck, juvenile.

I’ve got the location covered, the type of animal it is, the specific name of the animal, and also the fact that it’s a juvenile and in flight.

That way, should someone be looking for a Florida duck in flight, or some sort of wildlife from Polk County, this image would be returned in their search on flickr and possibly through a google search as well.

Also, make sure that there’s a way for someone to contact you other than through flickr messages.  Some of these companies or individuals looking for images don’t have a flickr account.  Update your flickr profile to include a way for them to contact you outside of flickr, such as a link to your contact page on your website or blog.  I have my flickr profile updated and I also have my website address right in my watermark that I place on all of my photos.

That’s about it for tagging.  For me, it’s important.  It helps me locate my own images on flickr and it helps other people find my images on flickr.

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