freebie: cafepress flip flop templates

June 3, 2012 Free Downloads  11 comments

Today I’d like to share a set of templates.  With these templates you can create your own custom Flip Flops through

Instructions are included with the download in a txt file.  These templates are all in .png format.  You need an editing program that can work with .png files like Photoshop to be able to use these.


Download below or just click the preview image…

Download by clicking HERE


Enjoy your templates!

11 comments to freebie: cafepress flip flop templates

  • Maryanne Talmadge UNITED STATES  says:

    These are so cute, thanx a lot for your generosity in sharing!

  • crystalnva UNITED STATES  says:

    cute THANK YOU ;~}

  • Lana not found  says:

    Thank you for the wonderful templates (flipflops). I just unzipped and found it is missing the black strap that you have in the example. Is there any way to get that please? It is what makes it all look real. Thank you again so much.

    • admin UNITED STATES  says:

      Lana, I can’t add the black strap to the templates or it will appear in your final physical product on cafepress.

  • Lana not found  says:

    I don’t understand. Appear? lol.

    • Heather Green UNITED STATES  says:

      This is so that you can make your own PHYSICAL product through only, this is just a template, not the product. You have to create it, send it to cafepress and order the flip flops there. I am just providing the template for you to create your own that you order from them.

  • Lana not found  says:

    oh, so i can’t make these as a print out photo but you send me through mail the physical flip flops?

    • Heather Green UNITED STATES  says:

      No, I’m not giving out free flip flops, only the template. Please read the text file that is included with the download…it will tell you how to make them at cafepress.

  • C Kitrell UNITED STATES  says:

    Love them!! So cute for a teenager and even us older women! Thank you SO much!

  • Lana not found  says:

    ok, thank you for the template.

  • DerikaLena UNITED STATES  says:

    Thank you so much for the cute flip flop templates

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