free download: sigg water bottle templates for cafepress

June 4, 2012 Free Downloads  No comments

There seems to be a little confusion as to what these templates are that I’m giving away as free downloads.

These are .png files (that you need a program like photoshop to use) where you can add your own photos and upload the template to cafepress to create your own product.

I do not create the product for you and I do not buy the product for you.

Cafepress allows you to DESIGN YOUR OWN physical products to purchase.  Instead of having to come up with your own complicated design, I create these for you.  All you need to do is open up one of the templates in your editing program, add your photo, save it as a jpg and upload to cafepress (link is provided in the txt file that is in with the download, as well as basic instructions).

Ok, now that’s out of the way and you understand that in NO WAY will you get any sort of physical product from me, but that you have to do it yourself through….. on to today’s download!

Download link below or click the preview image:

Download the templates HERE


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