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Using Cheap Lenses

October 24, 2012 Photography  No comments

A lot of people feel that you need expensive lenses to get great photos.  In a way, you do…but if you know your way around your DSLR, you can get by with using the cheaper lenses until you can afford to purchase something more expensive.

I just wanted to show you some examples of cheap cameras and more expensive cameras using the cheap lenses and the results you can get with them.

This first photo is of the bridge in Moore Haven, Florida that goes over the Caloosahatchee River.

Bridge - Moore Haven, FL

This was taken in June 2008 with the Canon Digital Rebel (or also known as the 300D, you can see one HERE), one of the first affordable DSLR’s Canon came out with in the 90’s.  I also used the Canon 18-55mm kit lens (you can read an article about it HERE)...

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