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fakahatchee strand

November 6, 2012 Wildlife Photography  No comments

I went to Fakahatchee Strand over the weekend, the same place almost two years ago where I got my infamous Florida Panther images.  We didn’t see any panthers, but my friend did spot a adult black bear with his binoculars.  Bringing binoculars is a MUST for that road.  Because there’s long straight-a-ways of road you can see extremely far and you don’t want to miss seeing a bear or a panther.

On the way down there we saw a baby alligator crossing SR29, so we pulled over for some photos. He MADE IT across safely.


The Jane’s Scenic Drive road is hard packed dirt.  Normally you can drive just about any vehicle down that road.  Not this past weekend.  The pot holes have gotten absolutely terrible...

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free download: cafepress calendar templates

November 1, 2012 Free Downloads  7 comments

I LOVE, I’ve been selling my images and graphic designs there since 2002!  I’m always telling people to sign up for an account there.  They offer free accounts and premium.  With the free account I believe you can add one of each product to your store.  With the premium account you can have as many products as you’d like.

The absolute BEST PART is once you’ve created a product, that’s it.  You’re done.  Cafepress takes the orders and ships them out for you.  All you have to do is decide your mark up (your profit).

I decided to share some calendar templates I’ve made with you today as a free download.

These templates are sized to fit the 11″x17″ wall calendar at

Download link is below the preview….

Free download: cafepress calendar templates

Download at Mediafire HERE (look for the big gree...

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