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November 6, 2012 Wildlife Photography  No comments

I went to Fakahatchee Strand over the weekend, the same place almost two years ago where I got my infamous Florida Panther images.  We didn’t see any panthers, but my friend did spot a adult black bear with his binoculars.  Bringing binoculars is a MUST for that road.  Because there’s long straight-a-ways of road you can see extremely far and you don’t want to miss seeing a bear or a panther.

On the way down there we saw a baby alligator crossing SR29, so we pulled over for some photos. He MADE IT across safely.


The Jane’s Scenic Drive road is hard packed dirt.  Normally you can drive just about any vehicle down that road.  Not this past weekend.  The pot holes have gotten absolutely terrible.  We took my Jeep so the road was never really an issue…but for a car, I think you’d have to stick to less than 10 miles an hour and constantly watch where you put your tires or else you’ll need to get an alignment, a balancing or fix your suspension.  As the road is now, if it were to rain, you’d possibly need to have a 4×4 in some areas or at least understand how to drive your regular vehicle through short bursts of tire sucking mud.  There’s also hardly any cell service on that entire road.  You’ll find some cell service twords the end of the drive where it opens up to a big field with a pond on either side or at the entrance near the ranger station.

With that said, let’s get on to the pictures from this weekend!

Like I said, we took my Jeep which I love.  This photo doesn’t show the potholes, I think back now and realized I should have taken some photos of how bad that road is right now.


We saw a lot of alligators. This is Florida, we have a lot of gators here normally. But this was the first time I’d seen so many in the middle of the road or on the side of the road soaking up the sun. This was a pretty large guy that took up the whole entire road…from one side to the other.

Roadside Attraction

Found this guy relaxing in a water hole on the side of the road:

Swamp King

And this guy..who had found himself a nice log to rest on:

Like A Bump On A Log

Here’s a closer view of the gator on the log above, not sure why he had that strange vine sticking out of his mouth…maybe it’s attached to his last meal ;-)


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