Shooting at Jupiter, Florida

January 24, 2013 Photography  One comment

First off, I got the new iphone5 which I have been dying to get but was too cheap to spend the money (even though I was due for an upgrade) so I finally decided to JUST DO IT, besides my birthday was coming up (which is today) and I figured, happy birthday to me.  I love this phone!  Way better than my old iphone4, and I’m loving how big and sharp the photos are with this one.

On Tuesday my friend John and I went over to Jupiter, Florida to catch the sunrise at Coral Cove Park and then check out Blowing Rocks Preserve afterwards…. here’s a few of the iphone pics.

A little Hermit Crab I found at Blowing Rocks….

 photo null.jpg

Shooting the sunrise at Coral Cove….

(that’s my 7D you see and then John is over to the right of the image)

 photo null-1.jpg

I LOVED that place and am already dying to go back again!

 photo null-2.jpg

Here’s some shots I got while I was there with my 7D and the 10-22mm:

note: you should be able to click these images and be taken to their flickr pages, the exif data is in the description below each photo)

Angel Wing

Coral Cove Sunrise

This past weekend I used the 10-22mm again… we tried to find a good sunset location that was close and this was about all we could find, a lake in Labelle, Florida…so we used the Jeep for our foreground image!

Jeep At Sunset

Went down to Fakahatchee Strand (no panthers this time) but had a great time!

My Jeep At Fakahatchee Strand

I also experimented with light painting, using EL Wire (info on the wire HERE) and my dad’s 1966 Hertz Shelby, I’m thrilled with the results!

1966 Hertz Shelby - Light Painting

One comment to Shooting at Jupiter, Florida

  • Joy Gerow not found  says:

    Hey these are awesome images Heather and just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!! … a little late. But, also wanted to tell you it was mine on Tuesday so Hello fellow Aquarian!
    Thank you for all the goodies in my mainlbox … always appreciated!
    Wishing you a wonderful year full of light, love, and an abundance of creativity!!

    Have an awesome weekend!

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